“A very powerful and touching discourse about a subject that is probably likely to be dismissed by most people as “it might happen to others but not to me”. Anneli clearly shows that this can actually happen to you and me, to anyone, but at the same time she also brings hope as a living example of someone that despite endless hopelessness and despair has successfully regained trust in mankind and found strength and joy in life. An excellent discourse to start with for further discussions regarding organisational culture, friendship, stress, unrealistic demands on you, abuse and addiction in any connection where people live and work together”
Patrik Årman, teacher at LO’s folk high-school at Runö

“She made an impression on me and the painting that I received will be framed and placed in a special place”

“It was a very good, emotional and memorable evening”

“Anneli’s story affected me deeply and made me rethink my working conditions. It was courageous by her to share her life journey”

“I have the greatest respect for the journey that Anneli has lived through and I am grateful to her for sharing her experiences with us”

“The girl that took us all through a journey boarded with memories, tears and strong emotions! I think it was very courageous by her to share her life experiences with us”

“An incredible girl that really opened her self and her inner most to us. Very emotional and memorable. An area that touched deeply. Very good”

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