I am currently working with the book ”Molly’s Journey”

Molly is a woman that through here life has always tried to perform and be good enough in any undertakings. She takes herself too seriously. Finally, at the peak of her performance and at the top of her career, here life collapses and she falls into the deepest valley of darkness. In the beginning she blames herself, but eventually she pulls here self together and decides to start climbing up towards the summit of life again, a journey bordered with heaven and hell side by side. You will be able to follow the harsh life in the political corridors of supreme power in Stockholm and how hard women have to fight to be able to remain standing. “Molly’s journey” deals with the envy and intrigues that makes good hearted people end up in misery and sorrows – the back side of the Swedish supreme political power that no one dears to talk about. Despite many difficulties Molly fights here way back, to the summit of her own mountain, to her new life. What is life really about?

Story, coverage and documentary

We offer companies as well as private persons completely reports, including both photographs and text, in accordance with your requests. It can be about travelling or adventure, basically anything for which you require photographs and/or written material. One of the companies specialities is outdoor activities, especially fishing expeditions, and therefore we also offer complete reports for publication in magazines and flyers (photosgraphs + text).

Because of the wide range of requests we urge you to start by contacting us with your demands. From that we will generate and put together a suggestion for you to consider. If necessary, we will rewise it until you are satisfied.

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Arbetar även med barnbilder som jag hoppas ska kunna ges ut i framtiden.
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